Top Shot Electronic Hockey Net

Top Shot
Top Shot
Space required:
15'W x 15'L x 16'H

Power required:
2 x 110 volt/15amp

Age suitability:

Set-up / strike time:
30 mins

Top Shot is an electronic hockey net which allows the players to improve and test their shooting skills on and off the ice. Shoot at each target when lit up and get feedback through a digital display.

Top Shot is an interactive Hockey Experience.......

- Test hockey shooting skills through a series of interactive challenges.
- Improves reaction time and quickness of shot release.
- Teaches and trains shooting skills for specific hockey positions.
- Provide an objective method of measuring baseline shooting skill levels.
- Means of monitoring player's progress.
- Need a goalie for some 2 on 2 action... Top Shot plays at your skill levels.
- Divided into nine target areas controlled by a microcomputer.
- Five individual modes to challenge hockey players at any level.

Face Off

Tests shooting speed and accuracy. The clock starts when the first target is hit and stops when the last remaining light goes out. Also scores the number of shots to knock out all the targets. Great for increasing fun during practice time.

Rapid Fire

Measures how quickly the player capitalizes on the opportunity. One panel will randomly light up until a shooter hits the net, it measures a goal (hitting the lit target) of a miss and will randomly move to another target. The skills evaluated are target opportunity recognition, shooting speed, and accuracy.

Speed Skate

A drill that times skating speed and tests stick-handling ability. The clock starts when any target is it. The player then skates through a pre-determined course with or without a puck and stops the clocks by hitting any target on the return.

Random Target

Shooter aims at 1 to 4 simultaneous random targets. Top Shot scores attempts and hits and provides instant feedback to the shooter. This program is purely shooting accuracy and quickness of release and can be adapted to all skill levels.


Two players alternate shots - Player one lights up a white light and player two a red light. They continue shooting until one player gets three in a row.


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Cities Served

  • Surrey
  • White Rock
  • Delta
  • Richmond
  • Langley
  • Maple Ridge
  • Coquitlam