Angel's Events is a proud supporter of the following charities:


ABBA centers around three main points and goals:

  • Financially assisting those who wish to adopt.
  • Encouraging and equipping the church so that they can establish adoption funds within their day to day work schedules.
  • Supporting those who have already adopted.

Head over to their website so you can learn more about what their goals are and how they intend to make them a reality. You can also apply to see what you can do to assist in saving the lives of parentless children.

Home for Every Child

Home for Every Child is a Christian ministry that is focused on finding adoptive homes for children as well as bringing information, education, and support to the community. Their main focus is to bring knowledge and support to those who wish to adopt.

Two of the biggest obstacles for those who choose adoption are: finances and fear. Home for Every Child teaches on special needs, local adoption, ministry adoption, and international adoption. They teach what the bibles says and what options exist for adoption. They show people the enormity of the crisis of 163 million orphans around the world and growing, and some of the terrible conditions they reside in.

In addition to all of this, they walk people through and teach about the various resources available to help with the financial burden.

At Angels Events we believe that every person, child or otherwise, deserves a home, and thats why we love and support Home for Every Child in every way that we can.

See just what Home for Every child has accomplished, and how you can join in saving children one by one:

Night Shift

NightShift Street Ministries is a not-for-profit, multi-denominational Christian society working with the poor, vulnerable, and under-resourced men and women in the community 365 days a year, because every day matters.

Save the Storks

Save the Storks is a United States foundation created for the purposes of giving women the chance to see the plethora of options available besides abortion.

Save the Storks raises money for two main objectives; to build some of the most luxurious Sprinter vans manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, and to provide support for women that decide to keep their children through assisting in attaining jobs, helping in the payment for basic necessities, and more.

Angel’s Events is a regular contributor to Save the Storks, and its mission through both telling the world about their work, as well as financial support to the foundation.